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Our Story

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The Mudjimba community needed a local Kindy and a committee was formed in 1983 spearheaded by retired teacher Mary Dillon and Sandi Doody.


For many years the community worked tirelessly to raise money and in 1987 work began with the help of community employment scheme to build our centre.

In January 1988 the doors opened and the North Shore Community Kindergarten welcomed the first group of students with Teacher Marijke Courtney (nee Bastin) Retired 2016 and Teacher Aide Lauren White (nee Sparkes).

With a name change in the early 90’s to the Mudjimba Community Kindergarten we have been home to hundreds of lovely children and their families, supported by many dedicated teachers, support aids and wonderful committees who have enriched our community.


Our Mudjimba Community Kindy Family just keeps growing as we move past thirty years of operation!

Our Philosophy

Here at Mudjimba Kindy, we believe that Early Childhood is a period of great significance, to be valued and enjoyed in its own right. We feel we are in a privileged position to share in the responsibility of supporting children as individuals to grow and develop their ability to care about people and the environment, become socially responsible, inventive, embrace challenges and equipped to cope with a changing world. 

Each day we follow the directions of the children and adapt our environment, our resources, our routines and ourselves; observing, documenting, listening to and interpreting children’s purposes, processes and ideas so we can gain insight into their thinking, and support their discoveries. We bring our own knowledge, expertise, experience and interests to the program, carefully co-constructing a curriculum that is both planned and spontaneous, that is negotiated and driven to include wider perspectives.


During this time young children will form conceptions of themselves as social beings, as thinkers and as language users and they will have reached certain important decisions about their own abilities and their own worth. We are also forever mindful that this period is here and now and that children have the right to ‘be’ and experience all being three, four or five brings. We are careful to provide time and space to enjoy this stage in their life and development.

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Our Environment

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Our bush surrounds and open spaces are considered a special ‘gift’ to us here at Mudjimba Kindy. We know how important connecting with nature is for our wellbeing and also in gaining understandings around respecting and protecting our natural world, building knowledge about preservation and protection. We strongly believe that interacting with and ‘in’ our bush area is what will develop these genuine, deeper connections and understandings.

We access our back bush area on a regular basis and take the children on excursions to our local beach down the end of our road. How lucky are we to have so much nature on our doorstep!


Each day we are grateful for our beautiful space, surrounded by the bush and so close to the beach. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Our large natural environment

  • Incredibly maintained

  • Quiet cul de sac

  • Wildlife visitors

  • Comfortable climate controlled environment

  • Natural homely feel

  • Well resourced.

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