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Our Program

Mudjimba Kindy 8

Flow of our Day at Mudjimba Kindy

8.25am  Arrival time 

We greet one another, organise our belongings, settle in to connect

and play as our families leave.

Teachers and children are interacting, engaging and connecting.

When appropriate we gather together as a whole group

or sometimes smaller groups. We adapt to the needs on the day.


Connection Time and Morning Meetings

Planning our day together and sharing our idea’s.

Offering intentional learning opportunities and experiences.

Reading a story, music and movement experiences.


Morning Tea – 10.00ish

We sit together at morning tea or have a picnic.

We share stories with each other and talk about our healthy food choices. This is an opportunity to talk about care for our vegetable garden

We also further develop play plans at this time. 


Long uninterrupted time to Play

Discovering and learning together

Continuation of Ideas and Projects…can be individual or small groups that gather -Intentional and emergent play experiences.


Children are encouraged and supported to interact with friends and teachers creating new ideas and questions.


Pack up of the indoor and outdoor play space. Gathering as a group to share music, singing, rhymes, group games etc. before lunch.


Lunch time 12.45ish  

We set the tables for lunch and children wash their hands and collect lunchboxes.

We sit together sharing conversations and reflecting about our day.


Relaxation , Quiet Play Experiences/Reflections & Learning meetings


Children choose a place to rest their bodies quietly and calmly.

This is an opportunity for the children to develop skills in mindfulness, reading, listening and using their imagination.

We share reflection of their day and planning for our next kindy day.

Opportunities to rest/sleep or do quiet activities.

We prepare for home time…packing up our belongings

Time to say goodbye for the day

We gather on the mat to sing our goodbye song and wait on the mat for our teacher to say  goodbye  to us individually as our families come to pick us up.

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