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Our Kindy

We provide consistent groups and teachers/educators so that your child will be able to grow friendships, confidence and develop their identity in a stable, nurturing and calm environment with minimal disruptions.


There is an:

Early week group  where children attend every Monday and Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays (5 day fortnight)

Late week group where children attend every Thursday and Friday and alternate Wednesdays (5 day fortnight)


Each group has the same 25 children, with the same teacher and 2 educators, that attend for the entire year as a group.

As we continuously strive to offer high quality practice, we offer above recommended ratio’s (1:11), having  1 adult to 8 children, further improving outcomes for each child.

We are also fortunate to have regular volunteers and students join us most weeks.


Our program runs from 8.25am until 2.35pm in line with Queensland State School Terms. We break for the term holidays and public holidays.

Staff are committed to continuous improvement and growth and have 1 day a term dedicated to professional development.


Our environment is carefully designed to include spaces where children can retreat and have quiet breaks throughout the day as their body requires. We are strong advocates of children developing the  lifelong skills to be able to self-regulate and self soothe.  During  a short period after lunch, staff provide the opportunity for children to develop various relaxation skills and strategies, such as mindfulness, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing, body sense awareness, etc. to rejuvenate themselves for the afternoon ahead. These skills are critical for managing emotions, stress and wellbeing. When introduced early, they will be more likely to be embedded positively for life as a resource to manage challenges, adversity and tiredness etc.  This is also an opportunity for those children who need a sleep to drift off.

Mudjimba Kindy Yoga

Food and Nutrition


During the early years, children are building an understanding of looking after their own body and their health.

We ask families to provide a nutritious morning tea and lunch in an easy to open lunch box that children access from the refrigerator.


Staff sit alongside children at meal times and engage in discussions that assist children to develop their sense of agency and autonomy around making choices out of their lunch box. Children are supported to meet their ‘hunger’ needs for optimal learning and energy throughout the day. Some children may require more at morning tea than at lunch and can choose food accordingly to meet their needs.


Some examples of food that could be included in a nutritious lunch box are:

Fruit, vegetables, yogurt, cracker biscuits, cheese, sandwiches, salads, sushi, wraps, rice, pasta, fresh/dried fruit.

Sustainability and recycling are a focus in our program and therefore we ask that food is provided in reusable containers or bee’s wax wraps, rather than wrapped in plastic

We are not a nut free kindergarten, however if children enrol with specific allergies and food intolerances we will do our best to accommodate. We encourage children to only eat the food that their family has provided for them.


We cook and grow food here at kindy, encouraging a healthy relationship with and understanding of nutrition, bringing food from the earth to the plate.

What to bring to Kindy


Please provide your child with their own named bucket hat or Legionnaires hat that has adequate protection from the sun. NO CAPS PLEASE.



Children require fresh fruit/vegetables & yoghurt for morning tea and a substantial lunch of healthy food. Please pack your child’s morning tea and lunch in the one lunch box. Please NO INSULATED LUNCH PACKS. We have a LITTER FREE POLICY so we ask that your Child have no pre-packaged food, wrappers or plastic; please use reusable containers or a divided lunchbox. This is to be placed in the fridge. As there is limited space in the fridge please be practical when choosing a lunch container and mindful that your child will be able to manage the lid and/or clip independently.



A named bottle filled with WATER only (750ml minimum size).  We have a water bottle trolley that best suits this size.



A named backpack that easily fits ALL your Childs’ belongings and in your child’s locker, with a catch that your child can easily master.



A named Towel 65cm x 125cm in a drawstring bag (no larger than 60cm x 40cm finished size). Elastic across the corners works best.  Please DO NOT send large towels, sleeping bags or pillows.



Clearly named spare clothes to be kept in a separate bag (not plastic) in the backpack. Please choose seasonally appropriate clothing.  Spare clothes are useful in case of food spills, wet play, and toileting accidents.  Please note that we cannot have plastic bags in the children’s backpacks.



Preferably a reusable plastic lined bag that we are able to place children’s wet and soiled clothes in to send home as we no longer store plastic bags. The bag can keep clean spare clothes in.


Every possible care is taken with children’s belongings and children are encouraged to take care of their own things.  Please mark all items with your child’s name.  Please check drying racks for wet clothes on departure or the white bucket on the high shelf in the bathroom for toileting accidents. Please check your child’s pocket for a tag that lets you know to collect soiled clothing from the bathroom. Please also check the lost property basket in the foyer regularly. All items will be given to lifeline if not collected by the end of term.


  •   A NEW 16G USB

Please provide a USB for us to load your child’s kindy photos on throughout the year and it will be returned to you at the end of the year.

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