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At Mudjimba Kindy we are guided by the children’s interests, strengths and emerging skills. We are responsive and receptive to their family context and to all they bring with them. We know that children learn best when they have a sense of belonging and are interested in what they are exploring. Our natural homely environment /provisions support children’s developing skills, together with educators who are engaged, flexible and skilled in scaffolding children’s learning alongside strong relationships. We particularly embrace play, nature, community connections, the arts, and social/emotional learning, embedding literacy, numeracy, imagination, creativity and technology within the curriculum in meaningful and authentic ways.

National Quality Framework

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The National Quality Framework (NQF) guides all early childhood services to provide both   high quality and consistent standards of education and care across Australia. The National Quality Standards, of which there are 7, ensure services are providing the best possible outcomes for children and families. More information on the NQF can be found at  


Mudjimba Community Kindergarten was assessed in 2018 under the newly revised National Quality standards, and we are very proud of receiving the highest rating in all 7 areas, therefore rating us as an exceeding service overall.

C&K Affiliation

Mudjimba Kindy is proudly a C&K Affiliate Centre.

Founded in 1907, C&K are pioneers in early childhood and have been successful in educating and caring for more than one million children. C&K are committed to providing quality education and care for children, from birth to school age. With services throughout Queensland, C&K are intrinsically linked to the wellbeing of communities. As a community based not for profit association C&K recognises the valuable role families and the wider community play in children’s lives. 

Please visit for more information.


Curriculum Frameworks

Underpinning our educational program are  the Principles and Practices of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.


Other components of our curriculum include the Wings to fly program (social and emotional development), nature pedagogy and most recently the ‘Thinker in residence program’, which enables us to further explore the principles behind the Reggio Emilia approach and developing children’s  higher order thinking processes.


Our educators plan learning experiences that encompass all areas of development and build life long learning skills. We are careful to capture opportunities  for children to ‘be’ who they are, to celebrate their stage of development and to develop and grow their potential and capabilities. We are guided by contemporary theories and current research that highlight the importance of the skills and attributes children will require in our fast changing world. Children will have opportunities to explore their environment, their natural world and who they are. Our strong community focus encourages children to develop a sense of connectedness, contribution and interdependence, which in turn creates a strong sense of self worth as children see themselves as  important individuals who can make changes and are co-contributors of community.

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